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Go Global IV Conference 2011

April 12-13, 2011

Go Global IV: Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands
Importing, Exporting and Everything in Between

Join us April 12 & 13, 2011! 

The Go Global conference is an annual event that helps support, strengthen and grow small- and medium-sized enterprises in the international marketplace.  Go Global IV will emphasize building successful relationships both domestic and foreign - as a key to success in the world of global trade. Click the links below for more details.

  • Terri Morrison, Best selling co-author of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands and President, Getting Through Customs
    • Kiss Bow or Shake Hands:  You’re on your way to China, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, India, or virtually any exotic locale. A small misstep can threaten or even destroy your marketing and sales efforts.  Do you kiss, bow or shake hands?  Do you address prospects by their first name, last name or just their title?  Should you expect tough negotiations, or will they never say “no!”?  Do they expect a gift, or would it be considered graft?   Attendees are encouraged to join Terri Morrison, co-author of best-selling books on international business customs to discuss how to smooth over cultural barriers and form lasting client and professional relationships.
  • Thomas Feifar, Director, Foreign Military Parts - Navistar Defense, LLC
    • Keys to Globalization Success: With more than one million Navistar vehicles on the road in North America and around the globe, Navistar has extended its core expertise to become the fourth largest truck manufacturer in the world.  Tom Feifar, Director of Foreign Military Sales for Navistar Defense, has been an integral part in that growth.  Tom will highlight the integration of Navistar’s global team of engineers, designers and technicians to develop , validate and support the high performance trucks, engines and parts needed by the warfighter today. He will feature the key success factors leading to increased globalization success. “As Navistar grows its business globally, we take our supplier partners with us,” he said.
  • Dr. Chris Kuehl, Armada Corporate Intelligence
    • 2011 - Year of the Transition:  This is the year that 2010 was supposed to be. The news on the economy has been better than it has been in a long time with some progress on some of the more challenging issues. Nobody is talking double dip anymore and growth is surging in Asia and parts of Latin America.  Even Europe looks a little less shaky than in the past. But looming on the horizon are all the issues we have avoided for the last three years - inflation, debt and deficit crises, the need for austerity and the political turmoil that follows.  The events in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and elsewhere indicate that much is changing and fast.
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