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Tommy Berry
President and CEO of PointTrade Services
Risk Management & Compliance Activities
Risk management and compliance activities are a critical aspect of any business.  Efforts to ensure compliance with import and export laws will minimize interruptions in the movement of goods in and out of the country.  Companies that audit internal procedures and proactively correct deficiencies may be viewed by Customs & Border Protection (CBP) as low-risk companies. Flow charts of the Importing Process include:

  • Risk management allows a company to: Achieve greater compliance
  • Reduce potential penalty liability
  • Prepare for a Customs audit

Marge Bevers
FTZ Administrator & Properties Specialist, Greater Rockford Airport Authority

FTZ Boot Camp
FTZ Boot Camp will explain the ins and outs of a Foreign Trade Zone including what are the benefits to your business; what steps are required to get started; how much it will cost and how long you’ll have to wait until your company starts to see a return on investment (ROI). 

Thomas M. Feifar
Director, Foreign Military Parts, Navistar Defense, LLC

Keys to Globalization Success
With more than 1 million Navistar vehicles on the road in North America and around the globe, Navistar has extended its core expertise to become the fourth largest truck manufacturer in the world.  Tom Feifar, Director of Foreign Military Sales for Navistar Defense, has been an integral part in that growth.  Tom will highlight the integration of Navistar’s global team of engineers, designers and technicians to develop , validate and support the high performance trucks, engines and parts needed by the warfighter today. He will feature the key success factors leading to increased globalization success. “As Navistar grows its business globally, we take our supplier partners with us,” he said.

David Forgue
Partner of Barnes Richardson & Colburn

“Your Supply Chain as a Relationship Builder”
Your customers’ needs are always paramount. Do you know whether you are doing all you can to assist them with your supply chain? What are the import law implications of using free trade agreements, supplier-managed-inventory, just-in-time delivery and other supply chain options? We will discuss a number of options to modify your supply chain operations to assist your customers. 

Matt Gersper
Founder and President of Global Data Mining, LLC; Co-owner of CUSTOMS Info

Executive Summary: Trade Optimization hits the mark for CFO’s Top Concerns
In this session, you will be presented with staggering data on the scope of hidden costs in the U.S. supply chain. Four risk factors are costing U.S. businesses millions of dollars in unnecessary costs, destroying company profits and eroding global competitiveness. Learn the cost cutting framework many CFO's have yet to discover in U.S. supply chain management.

Global Supply Chain Risks: How to Talk to Your CFO
In this session, you will be presented with staggering data to help you quantify the scope of unnecessary costs in your company’s U.S. supply chain and you’ll learn a framework that’ll help you prepare a persuasive executive communication. The overarching goal is to help you work strategically to quantify opportunities, create well organized plans to fix problems, improve profits and help your company compete more effectively on the global stage.

John Goodrich
Principal of JD Goodrich

The Trade Professional’s Toolbox

This track focuses on introducing the fundamental tools of international trade.  Whether you are an exporter or an importer you must have certain tools at the ready that will allow you and your company to be successful.     Process owners as well as executives will benefit from learning about the practical, tactical and regulatory tools required for working in international trade business.  No prerequisites.  Hard hats are optional.

Toolbox 101 - The Rules for the Tools
The U.S. Regulatory Environment

Toolbox 201 - Sealing the Deal
The Business Tools of International Trade

Toolbox 301 - Delivering On Your Promises
The Logistics Tools of International Trade

William Hughes
Attorney and Shareholder at Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek

International Contracts - Avoiding Pitfalls and Protecting Your Interests
Contract and purchase order terms that work well in the U.S. may be woefully inadequate when dealing with customers located outside the U.S.  Merely including a provision in your contracts stating that the contracts are "governed by Illinois law" isn't of much value when the customer is overseas.  Parties to international contracts must navigate the requirements of many laws relating to foreign trade and ensure that their written agreements provide protection against a broad range of performance, transportation, currency, collection, litigation and other risks.  Companies engaged in global trade will learn how to update their distribution agreements, terms and conditions of sale, and purchase orders to comply with the latest best practices for international transactions, including Incoterms 2010.        

Dr. Chris Kuehl
Managing Director at Armada Corporate Intelligence 

2011 - Year of the Transition
This is the year that 2010 was supposed to be. The news on the economy has been better than it has been in a long time with some progress on some of the more challenging issues. Nobody is talking double dip anymore and growth is surging in Asia and parts of Latin America. Even Europe looks a little less shaky than in the past. But looming on the horizon are all the issues we have avoided for the last three years - inflation, debt and deficit crises, the need for austerity and the political turmoil that follows. The events in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and elsewhere indicate that much is changing and fast.

Penelope M. Lechtenberg, J.D.
Attorney and Partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP

Managing International Human Resources
Managing workers on an international basis involves a variety of challenges.  In this segment, Ms. Lechtenberg will analyze common challenges faced by global corporations.  She will also outline options for bringing workers and business visitors into the U.S. to conduct international business, as well as sending U.S. workers abroad.  Immigration strategy, classifications and application processes will be explained and practical tips shared.

Terri Morrison
Author; President of Getting Through Customs

Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands
You’re on your way to China, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, India, or virtually any exotic locale. A small misstep can threaten or even destroy your marketing and sales efforts.  Do you kiss, bow or shake hands? Do you address prospects by their first name, last name or just their title? Should you expect tough negotiations, or will they never say “no!”? Do they expect a gift, or would it be considered graft?

Attendees are encouraged to join Terri Morrison, coauthor of best-selling books on international business customs to discuss how to smooth over cultural barriers and form lasting client and professional relationships.
This session will cover a spectrum of intercultural communications topics - from negotiating styles, decision-making processes, advertising taboos, plagiarism, business protocol, attire, dining etiquette, gestures and gift giving around the world.  Avoid the blunders others have made before you; attend Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands!

Harry Moser
Founder of the Reshoring Initiative

Reshoring Initiative
The national Reshoring Initiative will provide its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Estimator software to help large manufacturers and their local suppliers recognize the total P&L impact of offshoring.  The Illinois Reshoring Initiative applies the principles of Reshoring in a 5-step year-long program to help Illinois manufacturers bring jobs back to Illinois. Attend to receive the free TCO software which will help you make better sourcing decisions, better sales calls and to join the Illinois program.

Rosy Zarate
Sales Manager at BMO-Harris Bank


Brett N. Silvers
President and Chief Executive Officer, WorldBusiness Capital

Ms. Zarate will discuss trade finance products as well as acquiring documentary letters of credit, documentary collections and standby letters of credit.  She will also focus on trade payables processing, supply chain finance, Ex-IM Bank (Working Capital Guarantee) and Northstar/Exim Bank (financing for foreign buyers).   Representing an institution that has a strong focus in China, Ms. Zarate will also highlight how the country is a key market for trade and international expansion. 

Mr. Silvers will discuss financing tools, including loans supported by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), that are available to help U.S. small and midsize businesses take advantage of opportunities in the global marketplace.  Topics will include creative financing for international projects, acquisitions, operations, joint ventures, and dealer/distributor networks.  Specific case studies will be presented for successful projects in India, Mexico and other major emerging markets, as well as in several different industry sectors.  Mr. Silvers will also announce a new financing initiative for businesses taking advantage of the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone Program.

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