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Easier Importing, Easier Exporting

Rockford firm's new trade zone brings lower costs, tighter supply chains

If local companies could eliminate or defer duties, increase supply chain efficiency, and improve their cash flow, what would that mean for international trade? One Rockford company is sure it will make Mid-America's best mid-sized international community even better.

Integrated SCM (ISCM) has established a General Purpose Zone (GPZ) at their facility in Belvidere, just east of Rockford. A GPZ is a special Foreign Trade Zone where multiple users can engage in multiple activities and receive the benefits of import/export in a zone outside U.S. Customs territory. In other words, companies can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Duties and excise tax on many items (from foreign goods being re-exported to scrap goods) are eliminated or aren't charged until the goods move to a U.S. Customs territory, reducing costs.
  • Because duties aren't charged until goods leave the zone (if at all) there's no duty cost or time limit for storing, inspecting, assembling or processing the imported goods.
  • With no need to hold the products for customs clearance, the supply cycle can be reduced by 1 to 3 days, reducing costs and improving customer service.

Usually, large corporations have gained the benefits of FTZ's, but ISCM's new facility will allow local firms of any size to conduct foreign trade more easily and profitably. With over 50 years of supply chain management experience, ISCM stands ready to serve these Rockford companies and their global partners. "We're excited by the opportunity to be here in the Rockford area and the opportunity to assist local businesses expand their global reach and profitability,” said ISCM General Manager Greg Bousquet.

Access these benefits! Contact:
Carrie Zethmayr
Director of International Trade
Rockford Area Economic Development Council
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