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“Absolutely Efficient” Airport Makes Rockford A Logistics Leader

More products and components are being shipped by air than ever before, and when you choose air shipping you're often gaining higher speed at higher costs. Chicago-Rockford International Airport (RFD) is the Midwest's premier air cargo destination because it provides multiple ways to save you money and offer improved customer service while doing it. That's why logistics companies like Atlas Air and UPS—which has its second largest air hub at RFD—are firm believers. Click here to learn more [http://www.rfdcargo.com/Landing.aspx?id=88 ] – VIDEO LINK

Get in faster—coming straight in through an open sky
RFD is 58 miles (93.3 kilometers) northwest of O'Hare, with uncongested, airspace independent from that of other large airports in the area. This means “straight in” approaches and no precious minutes or expensive fuel wasted in stack time.

Spend less time—and money—on the ground
Arriving aircraft not only get to the runway quickly, they spend less time taxiing, with approximately 15 minutes elapsed between committing to land and cutting engines.

“The airport itself is absolutely efficient compared to most places we fly in and out of,” said Jeff Riddel, a regional manager with Atlas Air. “We saved about 15 minutes taxi each way—in and out—and 20 minutes in flight time.” RFD also has no parking fees and landing fees significantly lower than  O'Hare's.

Savings like that—several thousand dollars per round trip compared to O'Hare and other regional airports—add up quickly.

Get your products—and your people—to their destinations more quickly
Fast ground travel is another feature of the Rockford area. Traffic congestion is almost non-existent—especially when compared to Chicago's airports—and there are few tolls. Rockford's roads provide easy access to 8 Interstate highways, with 80% of all American households lying within a 24 hour drive by truck. RFD is 30 minutes from the Global III Intermodal hub in Rochelle, which is Union Pacific's largest intermodal hub.

Passenger air to and from RFD can also ease the cost and effort it takes to relate to your customers. Non-stop service is available to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Less time spent in traffic and in holding patterns means your staff will get more done. And when it comes to finding new employees, you'll have a vast labor pool to draw from: Three million working age adults within a 60 minute drive of Rockford.

A “best of both worlds” facility
You'll find a world class facility with a 10,000 foot runway, CAT II and III instrumentation, ample corporate hanger space, centralized fuel purchasing and other major airport amenities. RFD also features a dedicated International Cargo Center, a same day Central Examination Station, USDA inspections and Foreign Trade Zone benefits. But RFD also has room for expansion, with over 200 airside acres available and over 3,000 acres of airport land for possible development. The possibilities for expansion are endless!

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