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Global Opportunities: New Business Generated At Largest-Ever Go Global Conference

RAEDC's Go Global international trade conferences keep growing in size and effectiveness and keep gaining new business leads for local companies reaching out to the wider world.

This year's conference, held May 7 at Giovanni's in Rockford, was the largest in the event's seven year history, attended by 234 people representing 130 companies from 8 foreign countries and 7  U.S. states.  Attendees had the opportunity to network with other firms throughout the day as well as hearing insights from experts on international trade on subjects such as global sales growth, more cost effective supply chain management and Foreign Direct Investment. Keynote speaker Russell L. Dennis Jr., President & Chief Technology Officer at Leading Edge Hydraulics, presented a case study on the success his company has enjoyed through partnerships with several European companies.

“Today's manufacturers are looking for insights and opportunities on how to leverage their resources for a competitive advantage internationally," said Carrie Zethmayr, Director of International Trade with RAEDC. "By attending Go Global today, we hope attendees learned how to identify, leverage and successfully position themselves in the international marketplace and seize global opportunities for market growth and expansion."

The conference not only allowed knowledge to be shared, but led to several new business opportunities for foreign and Illinois firms. Attendees were overwhelmingly positive, with 92.3% saying the conference had met or exceeded their expectations.

“It's always nice to see local companies share success stories,” said Greg Crowley of Ingenium Technologies. Carter Siegfried from Ingersoll Production Systems was impressed with “the breadth of the offerings and the quality of the presentations.”

“I always get good networking and information at GoGlobal,” said Sherry Protolo of SPX Hydraulic Technologies. “I always seem to come away with knowledge of something I wasn't expecting to learn.”

Perhaps the ultimate compliment came from American Standard Circuits, a West Chicago manufacturer which offers its customers a full range of services from design to supply chain assistance. After CEO Anaya Vardya attended Go Global, American Standard signed on as a RAEDC investor.

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